Weird Fish

       There are many animals – unique and mysterious animal that has not been found , since there are many places – places untouched by humans . Some time ago , we have witnessed the creatures – sea creatures with strange shapes and unique , well in this post , I will invite my readers to know the creatures – weird creatures of the river . Could sightings – sightings of the river is actually a cryptid creature sightings of this creature ?

        Like the ocean , the river is also home to thousands of species of freshwater animals . Not only fish , in the river was found to form different types of creatures and strange enough we’ve never seen before.

  1. Goliath Tigerfish

Ikan Aneh 1


Heard the name alone , we already know if this creature is not being careless . With a length of 1.5 meters and sharp teeth , of course a lot of people are afraid to look spooky fish . Goliath Tigerfish is the biggest variant in the family Tigerfish , and is a great predator . Fish is known for its power and speed.

2. Vampire Piranha

Ikan Aneh 2

Vampire Piranha is a close relative of the famous piranha fish of the Amazon river . This fish is called piranha because vampire fangs that can reach 6 inches . Piranha fish which is rarely known to live in the Orinoco River , Venezuela .

3. African Lungfish

Ikan Aneh 3

River creatures were quite strange in my opinion . For people who have never seen it, would have thought this creature as a monster because of the creepy . However , despite the terrible shape , these animals are completely harmless . These fish adapt to their environment less oxygen , thus making this fish rarely seen by humans .

4. Mekong Giant Catfish

Ikan Aneh 4

Certainly most readers already know this one fish . Fish that is almost similar to the whale shark is the largest freshwater fish ever found and originated in China . Its size alone is closer to whales than freshwater fish in general .


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