Example of Questions

5W1H Question :


  • Who

Who are you?

Who’s living in that house?

Who is going to school by bus?

Who went to school by bus yesterday?

Who’s ate my pudding last night?


  • What

What are you talking about?

What kind of job are you doing right now?

What’s your favourite song?

What is your dream?

What kind of person are you?


  • Where

Where do you college?

Where is your girlfriend live?

Where do you live?

Where is my pencil?

Where are you right now?


  • Why

Why budi ate my pudding last night?

Why this happen to me?

Why i must helping you?

Why you do this to me?

Why do you love me?


  • When

When is the sunrise?

When did he leave?

When the exam begin?

When do you married?

When your uncle died?


  • How

How did you get there?

How long did you lived in that house?

How old are you?

How are you?

How did you get that job?


  • Yes – No Question

Do you watch anime very much?

Do you like anime?

May I borrow your Laptop?

Do you like sweet things?

Do you have a girlfriend?


  • Tag question

with auxiliaries

You’ve got a car, haven’t you?

without auxiliaries (use: don’t, doesn’t, didn’t)

They play football on Sundays, don’t they?

She plays football on Sundays, doesn’t she?

They played football on Sundays, didn’t they?

Special question

Open the window, will you?

Let’s take the next bus, shall we?





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