Tips For Avoided Facebook From Hackers

     At first I was writing this paper is due in september and my Facebook hacked by someone. But strangely at that time I never went to another place that is connected to the internet, because I prefer to use the internet at home. So the chances of getting a keylogger almost nothing. But I never tell my Facebook account to someone I know, and even then was so long ago. And to this day I have many times tried to access my Facebook account a long time, but it was too late because all personal data has been changed by the hacker. So the conclusion is I will give you some tips on how to order FB (Facebook) to avoid the act of hackers, so events that I experienced did not happen to you.

1) Do not give your personal account information to someone new you know.

2) Be careful when playing in a place that is connected to the internet, try using a password that has been combined with letters, numbers, and characters. To be safe if you have a flash disc, just typing your password in a notepad, then paste the copied later lived alone.

3) Do not easily believe the new people who you know in a way not to allow others to be your friend.

4) Finally, pray that you are not hacked Facebook.

Hopefully some of my tips will be useful for all my friends.

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