Experience while making practical projects Basic Electronics

     I’ll tell you a little about the experience while making tool Basic Electronics lab project. In Basic Electronics lab I got a project with the title “Door Alarm with Infra Red”. This is the first project that I made with a group of friends.

     The first thing we do is create a series Schematic Door Alarm with Infra Red, and placed on board the PCB (Printed Circuit Board). After installing the necessary components such as IC (Integrated Circuit), Diodes, Resistors, LED (Light Emiting Diode), Buzzer, etc.. Since this project was first created, then there are many mistakes that occur such as:

– One lane placement on the circuit schematic.

– At the time of Eching on the PCB there are some lines missing.

– Many of the components due to excess tension and sort when soldering components is too long.

      At the time of making the tool With Infrared Door Alarm is finished, it turns the device output is still less than perfect due to a series Door Alarm With Infrared obtained from Lab. Basic Electronics is still not perfect. So all that got the project through its output is still less than perfect.

     And then the paper-making project. Because the manufacture of paper became my responsibility, so I asked the AP (Project Assistant) to ask the provisions of paper-making project. But after the paper was finished, it was still one of the papers (after already stated correctly by the AP), then occurring several times revised papers.

      But ultimately the manufacture of tools and paper projects are completed on time, and that is the impression when creating projects Basic Electronics lab.

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