Tips to reduce the size of video Anime

     In accordance with the title, I will share tips to decrease the size of the video Anime and of course without damaging the quality of the video. Actually, a lot of software that can be used as MeGUI, Handbrake, MiniCoder, Bencos, Real Anime, etc.. And software that I use is the Real Anime 6. Click Here to download. Once installed, run the Real Anime 6. On the Files tab – right click – select Add to select the video that we will minimize its size. Then click the small box on the bottom right to put the result of convert, for example “D: \ DATA DATA”. After that we set real anime in the Settings tab, to see how the settings shown below.


     At the time set above Bitrate highly recommended that wears around 300-1000, because the smaller the size of the video, bitrate will be smaller, if the bitrate is too big to wear, rather than the file size gets smaller the file will be even greater. Once everything is set click the Status tab – then click the Start button. The process will take a long time, so just wait until the process is complete. Once completed the results will convert it to around 30% – 40% (if bitrate 300).

Since I am still a beginner, hopefully these tips useful for all friends.

Note: – If the video type is softsub video, then convert it results video has no subtitle.

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