How to multiply Gold in Plants vs Zombies using Cheat Engine

For those who do not understand how to please follow the steps below:

– First download Cheat Engine, click here and more importantly on your PC / Laptop “Plants vs. Zombies” must be installed.
– Play the game “Plants vs. Zombies” and open the cheat engine applications that have been installed previously, then click on the computer image in the top left, then look for “PlantsVsZombies.exe” and click open.



– Then scan the number of Gold in Plants vs. Zombies, for example I have a Gold “4130” but not the “4130” is entered but the “413” (the latest figures on the amount of gold is not counted), and then click first scan.



– After the first scan there will be lots of addresses that appear, then go back to the game to buy anything that reduced gold / gold amount changed.


– Then the same as the previous way reinsert gold number, for example after buying an item number of gold be “3930” on the cheat engine so we enter the number “393” and then click next scan, then the number of addresses will be reduced as shown below.


– Then double-click the second address, and change the number of value for example “10000” by double-clicking on an existing figure on the value and checklist on the active tab.


– Finished, and see your gold in Plants vs. Zombies.



A few tips from me, hopefully can help visitors who love to play the game “Plants vs. Zombies”.

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