How to download files from Torrent with U-Torrent

     First before I knew U-Torrent I did not understand how to download via torrent, then I was given advice by a friend to use software such as U-Torrent and after trying to download via Torrent turned out very easily.

     Before any further we must know what it is Torrent, Torrent is a P2P methods of downloading it (Peer-To-Peer). P2P is a relationship between two or more computers in a network. When we download a files through Torrent, computers all over the world who are downloading the same files will relate to each other to transfer data to each other. To download via Torrent own, it takes a small file with extension *. Torrent.

     There are several terms that need to be considered at the time that is downloading via Torrent, Seeder and Leecher.

1. Seeder is a term for someone who has finished downloading the files. Seeder current task is to upload the entire files that he had to others who have not finished downloading (Leecher). After being Seeder, he no longer does the download but the upload process.

2. Leecher is a term for someone who is downloading the files. 2 leecher perform simultaneously transfer process, the Download and Upload. The more Seedern the faster the download (so for comparison Seeder and Leecher, Seeder cultivated more than Leecher).

     After knowing Torrent, then go ahead and download U-Torrent click here, install U-Torrent that was downloaded earlier, then download the files you want to download, but because the files you want to download via torrent, so we have to download the torrent files first or open files directly via torrent files through U-Torrent. Since I took on torrent files, so it looks like below.


Then if you choose to open with U-Torrent it will look like the following, then click OK and wait until the download is complete.


A few tips from me, hopefully can help the visitors as well.

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