Example of Letters

Letters of Inquiry

     A letter of inquiry asks someone for specific information. In some cases, such as a request for promotional material, the recipient will have a clear interest in responding to your letter. In other cases, such as a request for specific information on a product, the recipient may or may not be as motivated to respond quickly. Consequently, always make the tone of the letter friendly and make it easy for the recipient to identify and provide the information you need.

Follow this format in writing a letter of inquiry :

  1. In the first paragraph, identify yourself and, if appropriate, your position, and your institution or firm.
  2. In the second paragraph, briefly explain why you are writing and how you will use the requested information. Offer to keep the response confidential if such an offer seems reasonable.
  3. List the specific information you need. You can phrase your requests as questions or as a list of specific items of information. In either case, make each item clear and discrete.
  4. Conclude your letter by offering your reader some incentive for responding.

The following letter of inquiry is written by a computer programmer requesting specific information about an upcoming release of a software product.

Example Of Inquiry Letter

Example Of Inquiry Letter

Order Letter

Order letter / Placing order is a document or letter that confirms the details of a purchase of goods or services from one party to another. Example when we will buy some product in a company, we must send order letter for request that product and when the recipient in that company receives this letter, they will process the order and send the product.

An Order Letter is the one that is written by the person/company placing the request of purchase from another company. This letter comes into action only when a detailed study of the desired product has been done in the market and based on promised service, quality and price of the product, a decision for a purchase has been made.

An Order Letter should be drafted very carefully as it needs to pen down all the terms and conditions of the purchase for the benefit of both involved parties.

 Example Of Order Letter

Order Letter

Complain Letter

When you are trying to resolve a complaint against a company, the first step should always be to discuss your concerns with a representative of the business.  Try to speak with the manager or owner, and follow up by sending a certified letter confirming all the details of your conversation.  Request a return postal receipt so that you will have proof of the letter’s delivery; and keep records of all communications between yourself and the business, including phone calls, letters, faxes or e-mails.

 Example Of Complain Letter

Example Of Complain Letter

Application Letter

Write job application letters that identify a specific area of employment, summarize your qualifications for the job, refer to an enclosed resume, and request the next step of the application process, usually an interview.

Application letters are usually just one page and consist of three sections:

  1. Front matter. State that you are applying for a specific job title or field. Also mention the person who referred you or told you about the job. If you learned of the job from an advertisement, mention that.
  2. Body. Explain specifically why you are qualified for the job. Describe education and work experience and any other activities that display relevant talents, such as foreign-language proficiencies and leadership or supervisory experience.
  3. End matter. Refer to your enclosed résumé and express your desire for an interview, stating when and where you will be available for one. In addition, invite further inquiries, and state how you can be contacted.Following is an example of an application letter.

 Example Of Application Letter

Application Letter


Memo is short for memorandum, a document or other communication.

 Example Of Memorandum


Source : http://consumer.georgia.gov/consumer-services/sample-complaint-letter-to-send-to-a-business

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